Cultural Value Project: Looking back at the past developments and looking forward to the future

Last week’s entry brought to an end our showcase of the awardholders funded under the Open Funding Call. This seems like a good opportunity to pause and reflect on the past developments in the Cultural Value Project, and to take a quick peek into the future.

Many of you would know (for instance from this entry posted on this forum last October) that, following the first call, we issued a Targeted Funding Call. As we explained at the time, the objective of the second call was to cement our framework and hence, we wanted to attract research in a number of clearly defined areas. (You can find the details of the projects funded here). The Critical Reviews and Research Development Awards funded under this second call are now nearing completion and we will be introducing these projects on this blog latter this year.

There were also a number of workshops supported under the second funding round where we invited academics to run small-group discussions to explore some key issues of relevance to the Cultural Value Project: from cultural value in the domestic setting, to the importance of the arts in the criminal justice system, to voluntary and participatory arts. The work has now been completed on the seven Expert Workshops – please do take your time to read the reports from these workshops available here.

As I mentioned, our plan is to start showcasing the Critical Reviews and Research Development Awards funded under the Targeted Call later this year. In the meantime, we would like to introduce you to other AHRC-funded projects which tackle the thorny topic of cultural value. It is clear that we are not operating in a vacuum. Take for instance, the cross-council Connected Communities programme or the AHRC themes such as Science in Culture or Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past – a number of synergies, parallels and some interesting orthogonal considerations are readily apparent from the scope of these initiatives. In the weeks to come, we would like to introduce a number of contributors working on these projects and themes who can tell us more about their research and the way in which it approaches the question of cultural value from diverse, yet complementary, perspectives. Watch this space.

This conversation with other projects speaking to the central concerns of the Cultural Value Project will be invaluable for us as we are moving slowly but steadily towards the consolidation of our findings in the Final Report. The Report, initially expected to come out in the spring of 2015, will now be published in the later part of 2015, following the maternity leave of the Project Researcher. The Project will continue during that period, albeit in a lower key, and this will not affect this blog and entries will be appearing fortnightly throughout the entire period.

You can always find out more about the individual projects supported by the Cultural Value Project by visiting their external websites, blogs and tweeter feeds or reading the summaries available here.


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