In launching this two-year Cultural Value Project, the AHRC wishes to make a major contribution to how we think about the value of arts and culture to individuals and to society. The Cultural Value Project Blog seeks to showcase the projects funded under the scheme and continue the conversation about the value of culture. All the news and views here are our own and don’t reflect the AHRC’s opinions or policy.

Recent years have seen many attempts to capture that value in straightforward ways, not least in order to make the case to governments for public funding, but none have commanded widespread confidence. The AHRC decided that something more ambitious was needed.

The Cultural Value Project aims to establish a framework that will advance the way in which we talk about the value of cultural engagement and the methods by which we evaluate that value. The project will broaden our focus beyond publicly-funded arts and culture, to embrace all activities including those in the third and commercial sectors. It will include the informal and improvisatory practice and experience of culture as well as that in formal organisations. Not just a concert at the Royal Festival Hall or an exhibition at Imperial War Museum North, but also young people who get together in a band to make music for themselves, amateur choirs, local art clubs, reading groups and so on. If we wish to understand the value of cultural activity then we should direct our attention to cultural activity of all kinds. The Cultural Value Project does wish influence decisions on public policy and funding, but its priority lies in developing a much better understanding of arts and culture across the diverse ways that it is organised and experienced.

For more information on the Cultural Value Project, read the Cultural Value Project brochure and visit the AHRC website.  


The AHRC is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, along with the other UK Research Councils. The AHRC are unique in the world as a national funding agency supporting both arts and humanities research. The AHRC offers postgraduate and research funding opportunities which include opportunities in knowledge exchange and partnerships, and international research.


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